Best Dish Racks To Suit Your Kitchen

A dish rack is an essential tool in your kitchen especially because it keeps in order all your vessels. While dishwashers are far costlier an appliance and are harder to maintain, dish racks represent the ultimate kitchen tool for your cozy home.

Choosing the best dish rack for your kitchen may cause a bit of a hassle, however. Before purchasing it, you have to consider a few major factors that contribute to buying a suitable product.

Best Dish Racks on Amazon

Before we dive into the list, there are a few things you should have in mind while reading our reviews, such as the money you’re willing to spend, how many vessels you want it to uphold, and the material the rack is made of. Our list compiles the best dish racks on the market that have both positive customer reviews and fine features.

1. KitchenAid KNS896BXGRA Full Size Dish Rack, Light Grey 

Pros: This model is designed to drain the dishes over any sort of sink or under a mat. Its large capacity goes along with proper handling of a wide range of dishes, such as plates, pan, bowls, and pots. The product is made out of satin coated wires that are rust-resistant and soft feet which don’t screech the countertops. The draining board is easily removable so that you can avoid water pooling in the rack. As an icing on the cake, the model facilitates an easy cleaning procedure since all the parts are removable.

Cons: Customers evaluate the price as being somewhat steep, yet it remains to your consideration whether it suits your pocket or not.

2. KitchenAid KCS896BXAQA 3-Piece Dish Rack, Aqua Sky 

Pros: This bright colored KitchenAid dish rack features high capacity storage of a wide assortment of dishes. The removable self-draining board is easy to manage and upholds a large volume of water. Moreover, the model features a detachable caddy where you can store all your flatware and kitchen tools. Also, the price is fairly accessible, so if you’re on a limited budget, this might be the best alternative for your lifestyle.

Cons: One downside, as some see it, is that the product comes in a single color option.

3. Loclgpm White Sink Dish Drying Rack 

Pros: If you’re looking for rather an uncomplicated dish rack, this model might suit your needs. It features a large drainboard, a detachable tableware holder, and a knife holder accessory. Although it doesn’t provide large dish storage, the model can be easily fit in smaller areas. Also, the rack is crafted with a sturdy, steel wire that provides resistance to rust. Regarding the price, this model is accessible to any wallet as it is the cheapest alternative from our list.

Cons: If you’re looking for a large capacity dish rack, this one may not be the suitable choice for you.

Personal Care Products Your Kids Should Own by Age 10

Your children need the best care that is available in the market to keep them clean and fresh. While choosing products for kids, it is important to check the ingredients and make sure that there are no harmful chemicals in the products. A kid’s skin is very sensitive and harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, triclosan and others can get absorbed through it, causing long-term damage to the child’s health. Therefore, it is best that while choosing personal care products for children, you choose the natural or organic ones.

While natural products are made from materials available in nature, organic products are made from plants grown without using chemicals and pesticides. It is best to go through the various available options in the market and then select the right product for you child. Here is a list of a few important personal care products that your kids need before they are ten years old.

Soap and body wash – A skin of a child does not need strong chemicals or antibacterial agents for cleaning it. Soaps containing essential oils, neem, honey and citrus has the right natural antibacterial properties that will cause no irritation to a child’s skin and help it to remain soft.

Shampoo and conditioner – This is an important product that is necessary for every kid for daily use. It is important to know that natural and organic products may not produce the same amount of foam like the chemical products. Still, they are no less effective and special elements like Aloe Vera or Lavender can soothe the skin of your little one very effectively.

Toothpaste – Most children have a love or hate relationship with a toothpaste but there are naturally made toothpastes with fruity flavours, which they may like. These are also free from fluorides, sugar or preservatives. Bacterial inhibitors like neem and xylitol can help to keep the mouth clean, without causing any gum irritation.

Sunscreen – This is a very important product that you need to use and apply liberally, to protect the skin of your little one from the harmful sunrays when you are going outdoors. Mineral based sunscreens with both UVA and UVB protection are available in the market and they are designed for the soft skin of kids.

Skin lotion –  The sensitive skin of kids is prone to dryness and infections so a non-toxic moisturizing cream is an important product that they need. Products made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil or shea butter works best for the skin of children.

Deodorant – Some children may need a deodorant even at the age of eight or nine and the need may vary for each individual. Antiperspirants and deodorants with chemicals like parabens can be harmful for kids so we highly recommend only natural ones, which are safe for use.

Even when you use natural products, it is possible for your child to have an inherent allergy towards one component. Therefore, it is best that you test the product over one small area of the child’s skin before applying in large scale.

Electric Fish Fillet Knife, is it Worth it?

Imagine you have a job and that job puts your face to face with fish and all need to be filleted. It is a little bit discouraging to use a manual knife. Just think of using a manual knife to cut through one fish after another especially if you really have to regularly produce a substantial amount of fish fillet. The whole process is time-consuming and boring; therefore, it is wise to resort to an electric fillet knife.

What is an electric fillet knife?

This is a knife that was purposely designed for the fillet industry, in one sense, it automates the whole process. It was made in such a way that, it is able to cut through delicate bone and meat alike, just as you would use a hot knife to cut through butter.

The electric knife has an inbuilt motor which rapidly starts spinning once turned on, the power source can either be an electric plug or batteries. Once the motor starts spinning it send rotary power to the blade which in turn starts cycling back and forth. With this movement, the knife is able to cut through without any issues,

Electric knives work best when someone is slicing and cleaning fish. It is not an easy process but as time goes on you improve “practice makes perfect| the wise man said.

So for anyone who is doing any fish activity the decision of using the electric fillet knife is made quite easy.

Pros of the fillet knife

1. Reduces time waste:

Since an electric fillet knife is automatic, it tends to reduce the time taken to have fish fillet. Therefore it is good for those people who have a busy schedule andwould love to prepare themselves a fish fillet meal.

2. Increases efficiency:

This is important for any business in the industry. This means you will sale more because of increased capacity, therefore, good profits for the business owner.

3. It is exciting to use

It tends not to be boring while using the knife, because of the energy used in filleting most people tend to avoid it but with an electric fillet knife it would be fun to use, so there is no need to worry about corrosion.

4. Number of models

They tend to come in two modes cordless and the rechargeable model. The later has two rechargeable battery packs which provide ample power while you work.

Cons of the Electric fillet knife

· For something electric, you would expect it to have a container to store it after use but the fact is many do not come in any container rather a plastic package you have to cut through o get the knife.

· If unsupervised the electric fillet knife is quite dangerous. This is due to the fact that since it is automatic and it accidentally gets in contact with you the chances of a deep cut are too high.

If you feel that you enjoy fishing and a fillet at the end of the day, yet you do not want to spend a lot of time in preparation then an electric fillet knife would be a good choice. One note, however, is looking out for fake brands out there.

The Best Car Scents For Summer 2017

Purggo Car Air Freshener

Your vehicle is a prime investment and maintaining it is undoubtedly a priority. You need your car to not only look good but also have a pleasant smell at all times. Car scents not only help to keep your car smelling great especially in the summer time when the condition is hot and humid but they also help to neutralize any foul smelling odors. While maintaining a sweet smell is always a good idea, many car scents offer a temporary fix. In most cases underlying smells re-appear after just a short while.

This can dampen your summer escapades especially if you’re traveling with friends. To ensure you enjoy your summer drives to the fullest here are 3 of the best car scents guaranteed to filter out strong odors and rejuvenate your car atmosphere.

3. Ozium smoke and Odors Eliminator gel

Ozium smoke and Odors Eliminator gel

Ozium smoke and Odors Eliminator gel

If you’re looking to create a constant sweet smelling atmosphere without the use of a spray freshener, you can use the Ozium smoke and odors eliminator gel. All you have to do is place the gel containers in spaces leaking odors and the concentrated gel will replace any foul odor with a sweet smell.

The gel container comes with a flexible twist top to enables users control the scent level. The Ozium gel container is compact making it easy to hide in glove compartments, under the vehicle seats, or any other small problem areas. In the summer when temperatures are high it has been proven to dissipate the smell of smoke better than most car scents in the market.

2. North American NA222-6 Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener

North American NA222-6 Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener

North American NA222-6 Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener

This car scent consists entirely of fresh orange and citrus oils that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. There are no artificial components i.e no hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons e.t.c or any man-made perfumes or ingredients added. This means all odors are eliminated naturally.

This pure citrus blend makes a very potent car scent that eliminates cigarette smoke and other pungent car odors that tend to surface in the humid summer and replaces them with a sweet citrus aroma that lasts for a very long time. The smell is also potent enough to discourage flying insects. You only need a small amount to get the job done. This makes it long lasting as well in addition to being effective.

1. Purggo Car Air Freshener

Purggo Car Air Freshener

Purggo Car Air Freshener

If you’re looking for an air-freshener that is 100% natural, and renews its scent eradicating ability, the Purggo car air freshener is what you need. This car scent is great especially if you plan on traveling a lot with kids and pets during the summer. It is an eco-friendly air freshener that uses enclosed bamboo coal in a hemp fabric. The bamboo coal is 4 times more porous than ordinary charcoal. This makes it act like a big sponge trapping suffocating odor particles from pets and kids’ foods.

Purggo eliminates odors instead of masking them. It works passively and lasts 24/7 365 days a year. It produces a natural fragrance that is 100% asthma friendly and allergen free making it the best choice to use around your friends, family and pets.

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